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Dr Drum Beat Maker Review; Is it Worth it?

If you’re interested in finding out if the Dr Drum Beat Maker is right for you then you’ve come to the right place. This review will answer that question for you.

To cut right to the chase Dr Drum is legit. It works and it works well, though there are a few things you should know about.

These things are what will let you know if it’s really worth getting Dr Drum or finding yourself another program to make beats on. This review will take a comprehensive look at Dr Drum, looking at the good and the bad.

Dr Drum

First of all, Dr Drum is designed to be an entirely online platform. It also works on both PC and Mac. It works well with both and works well from the get go. It is designed to get newbies making music after all.

If you’re just getting started then you’ll enjoy Dr Drum. The software features a 16 track sequencer.

This means that you can create up to 16 different rows of instruments. Think of yourself as being a conductor in an orchestra, and that each of these sequencers is a member of the orchestra that you lead.

This is basically what a sequencer is and Dr Drum has 16 of them. 16 may sound intimidating but it’s actually really easy to use Dr Drum, unlike with other digital beat mixers on the market. Dr Drum prides itself on keeping it simple and being user friendly.

The ease of use gets you started making beats faster. It takes less than an hour to pick up and get started. So you can get going pretty much as soon as you get started.

Dr Drum

It's easy to download Dr Drum software. You only click on button below

Dr Drum

Features of the Dr Drum Beats Sequencer

•    You can change sounds and patterns in two clicks

•    There are literally thousands of built in drumbeats, keys and sound effects at your disposal

•    You can export the beats you make into a professional quality .wav file, which is very important you want to use the beats you create

•    You save time because Dr Drum can upload the beats directly in to a video for your Youtube account

•    You can play with the volume of the tracks to create brand new and custom effects

•    You can adjust the “pan effect” on each track

•    A great feature is that you can adjust the low, mid, and high of each track

All of these features are wonderful and they are all part of just the sequencer. There’s a lot more than that.

Dr Drum

Dr Drum has a 12 Pad Drum Machine Capable of Recreating any Drum Kit

If you’re new to drum machines then you might not understand what one is. Basically the clue is in the name. It’s a piece of software that you can program to sound like a full drum kit. Dr Drum features 12 different pads in the music maker software.

Imagine if you will that each pad is a different drum. Each pad can have a different sound or sound effect tied to it, meaning you can create many different unique drum kits for the perfect sound for you.

Dr Drum

It's easy to download Dr Drum software. You only click on button below

Dr Drum

Features of the 12 Pad Drum Machine on the Dr Drum Music Producer

•    You have 12 pads per drum kit
•    With a wide selection of kits to choose from
•    Kits can be changed with just one click
•    You can import your own sounds and apply them to the pads
•    You can mix the volume of each pad to create unique sounds
•    You can rearrange the sounds using just a few clicks
•    And each kit has a professional sound

Those are features that are hard to argue with.

Dr Drum Features a 4 Octave Keyboard for Making Music

You’re able to import any sample, either one you make or an included one, and Dr Drum will turn the sound in to a four octave keyboard for you.

When you make your own beats using a piece of music making software you should never neglect the pianos, synths, and strings. All of which are included in Dr Drum.

This is where one of the big downsides of Dr Drum comes into play though. You can’t use MIDI files with it. But even though you can’t use a MIDI keyboard you still have enough options to make incredible beats.

A lack of a MIDI keyboard also won’t affect newbies much. It’s an advanced feature. There is also an upside to this. MIDI keyboards are fiddly, annoying, and expensive.

Dr Drum

Features of the Four Octave Keyboard

•    Features a ton of samples from saxophones to pianos and sound effects
•    You can import your own kits with just one click
•    Thousands of sounds to chosoe from
•    You can switch instruments using just one click
•    You can alter the frequency to create dubstep beats, which you’ll want to do at least once
•    You can create overlapping sounds for more unique sound
•    Finally all the sounds are in a high quality .wav file, the industry standard for radio stations, bars and clubs, so each sound is crisp and of a professional high quality

It's easy to download Dr Drum software. You only click on button below

Dr Drum

Is it Really That Easy to Use? Can you Really Get Going in Minutes?

Even though Dr Drum clearly has a lot going for it there are still some things missing you’d find in high end beat makers. Having said that it is still very easy to use. Some of those high end beat makers can take a long time to understand and cause a lot of headaches.

If you are new to the scene then you want a quick and easy solution for making beats. Is it that easy to make a rap beat using Dr Drum though? It really is. You can have a basic mix done in under sixty seconds using the tutorials provided.

This is one of the best parts of Dr Drum. It is a simple piece of plug and play software you can get started with right away.

Dr Drum

So it’s Easy, But is it Good?

Now that we know more about the software in general it’s time to take a proper look at what makes it good and bad and, of course, what makes it ugly. Luckily there’s barely any ugly to be found with Dr Drum.

The Pros of Dr Drum Beat Maker

•    You can download and set it up in less than 10 minutes
•    Works perfectly on both Mac and PC
•    There are thousands of samples built in for a number of instruments
•    Features a large 16 track sequencer and a 4 octave keyboard
•    Super friendly to the user
•    Updates are free for life
•    You create DJ quality tracks in no time at all
•    Free reports for selling your tracks, great for people who want to sell their music
•    Ideal for newbies
•    All the other good stuff mentioned before

It's easy to download Dr Drum software. You only click on button below

Dr Drum

The Cons of Dr Drum Beat Maker

•    The community is smaller than the one you get with software like Fruity Loops
•    No compatibility for MIDI files
•    There are features missing that you’d get in similar software
•    As you get better you may outgrow the software

Remember though that if you don’t enjoy the software you can get a full refund so it’s a risk free purchase for you.

Dr Drum

Who is Dr Drum Right for and how Much does it Cost?

This software is really good for anyone no matter their skill level and, with a price of just $29.95 it’s accessible to anyone too and a fantastic deal.

It’s really ideal for people who are just getting started at making beats. Whether you’re making beats for rap, reggae, house, or any other style, it’s a good choice.

If you’re not much of a techie and still want to make your own beats the user friendliness is a major appeal. This is definitely one of the best beat machines and there are a lot of satisfied users. We hope this review helped you make a choice.

If you’re interested in making your own DJ tracks using creative beats, perhaps even using Dr Drum itself, then you can find some reviews on DJ gear here.

Good luck making those sick drum beats on Dr Drum and be sure to check out the rest of the site.

It's easy to download Dr Drum software. You only click on button below

Dr Drum